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Water Pollution Control Authority

By Connecticut State statute [Chapter 103 – Sections 245 through 273] the Water Pollution Control Authority is a separate legal entity from the town and has the responsibility to plan, acquire, construct, equip, extend, enlarge, maintain, repair, reconstruct, operate, supervise, and manage a municipal sewerage system for the benefit of the Town of Canton.

A sewerage system is defined as any device, equipment, appurtenance, facility and method for collecting, transporting, receiving, treating, disposing, of or discharging sewage. The WPCA has the authority to levy assessments against properties that benefit from the sewerage system(s) and may establish fair and reasonable charges for connection with and for the use of a sewerage system. The WPCA must comply with pollution abatement orders issued by the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. The Connecticut State statute also has many other powers, responsibilities and special provisions for the sale of bonds, notes, or other obligations, as well as dealing with special conditions.


Water Pollution Control Authority
50 Old River Road, Canton, CT 06019
PO Box 168, Collinsville, CT 06022

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