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2/10/2015 - A Reminder about Sidewalks and Fire Hydrants

A Reminder...
In an effort to provide safe sidewalks for all pedestrians, the Town of Canton is reminding those owners, tenants and occupants of lands or buildings adjoining an artificial sidewalk, of their responsibility to keep that sidewalk free from snow and ice. The failure to remove snow and ice within the 24 hours after the fall of snow or the formation of ice poses a significant risk to those pedestrians using the sidewalk or those pedestrians forced to have to use the roadway as an alternative.

In addition, if you live near a fire hydrant, please take the time to clear snow and ice from the hydrant area. Precious time is saved when our volunteer firefighters can hook up quickly to the water source when fighting house fires.
Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Police Chief Christopher Arciero or Captain Lawrence Terra at (860)693-0221.