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8/26/2013 - *Dept of Social Services Update

For those Canton residents who are receiving or applying for services through the state Department of Social Services:

DSS is going "paperless". All documentation, including: applications, redeterminations & supporting paperwork are to be sent to a Scanning Center in Manchester. Upon reciept of these documents, the Center is supposed to scan all documents and send them electronically to the appropriate state Dept of Social Services office withint 24 hours.

The Scanning Center is 2 weeks behind in processing paperwork and because of this, many DSS Clients are experiencing lapses in services and benefits.

This letter was sent out from Commissioner Bremby:

Sent on behalf of Commissioner Bremby:

Good afternoon,

The Department of Social Services' 'ConneCT' customer service modernization initiative is nearing the two-month point of operations after statewide launch on July 8. While overall we are pleased with the improved access to the department, we are working to refine some areas that we have identified need improvement.

At this time, due to the excessive volume of faxes received by our vendor, and in an effort to permit the vendor to catch up and perform as expected, we are asking customers to provide information to DSS by mail, at one of our 12 regional office locations or by phone (1-855-6-CONNECT). We expect to have electronic capability available to submit information online by October 1. The best method at this time is to mail applications and information to:

DSS ConneCT Scanning Center
PO Box 1320
Manchester, CT 06045-1320

It is my intention going forward to provide regular updates as we continue to implement phases of our modernization initiative. In closing, I would like to thank DSS staff and our partners for their continued dedication in providing quality service for our hundreds of thousands of clients.

Best regards,
Rod Bremby

Canton Senior & Social Services suggests, in an effort to continue receiving benefits for which you are eligible through the state, that you retain a copy of ALL paperwork you send to the state. You may also find sending it return receipt/certified mail may be helpful as this increases accountability on the end of the Scan Center and DSS. We suggest faxing documentation, retaining a confirmation that all the documentation has been received, and then to "cover all bases" send the original (remember to keep the entire copy) paperwork to the Scan Center as well.

Canton Senior & Social Services is dedicated to working hard to ensure the health, wellness and well-being of all the residents of the town of Canton. Our office oversees all programming within and associated with the Senior Center, while administering all federal and state programs and assisting in the application and follow-up process for all resources made available to clients.