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6/13/2013 - *Raised Garden Beds at the Canton Community Gardens

Recognizing the importance of providing access to gardening for all Canton residents, the Cherry Brook Garden Club financed a new raised garden bed project this spring. Three raised beds have recently been installed that will provide wheel chair gardening access. The garden club joined forces with Canton’s Department of Public Works, Canton’s Park and Recreation Department, Canton High School wood shop, Canton Public Library, UCONN Master Gardener Program and the Canton Senior/Social Services director. What a team!

Claire Cote, Canton Senior/Services coordinator shared information about the needs of Canton residents and Brian Wilson, Canton Park and Recreation director suggested locating the beds near the community gardens where there is water and parking. Bobby Martin, Canton Public Works director developed a plan for durable, safe and attractive raised beds. The Canton Public Works team readied the site at the community gardens and built the beds using Canton HS’s woodshop. They recently installed and filled the raised beds with soil and compost. Sarah Bailey, UCONN’s Master Gardener Coordinator provided the Canton Children’s Librarian a youth gardening curriculum and will encourage Master Gardeners to come and help our community gardeners. The cooperation among our town groups to make gardening accessible to all has been amazing!

These three raised beds are located at the Canton community gardens which are behind the Canton Community Center on 40 Dyer Ave. You can use the raised beds this year by contacting Canton Park and Recreation Department (860) 693-5808. The town is charging $5 for use of a raised bed which is proportional to the community garden bed fee.