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3/19/2013 - *Solarize Connecticut Workshop - March 19th

Join Your Neighbors In Solarizing Canton!

The Town of Canton is hosting a Solarize Canton Kick-Off Solar Workshop on
March 19th at 7:00 p.m.  at the Canton Community Center at 40 Dyer Avenue to
learn how this unique program is working to offer residents significantly
discounted solar installations that will reduce monthly utility bills.

The Town of Canton has been selected through a competitive process to
participate in Solarize Connecticut, a State-sponsored program that
combines coordinated town education and outreach efforts with a tiered
pricing offer from a pre-selected installer to significantly increase
residential solar.  The more residents participate in the program,
the more the price drops, with all residents receiving the lowest
possible price for their installation no matter when they
sign up for the program.  However, residents must sign a
contract by July 12, 2013 to qualify.  Ross Solar Group is the
designated and competitively selected solar installer for the
Town of Canton, chosen for their quality reputation, customer
reviews and, most importantly, competitive
tiered pricing.

For additional information and to check out future events about Solarize
Canton please contact Toni Bouchard at
Those residents who are interested can contact the installer
directly by calling 203- 512-4500.

For more information please visit: