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10/31/2012 - *Halloween Safety Tips

Thousands of ghosts and goblins will venture out on Halloween night dressed in their best costumes as they walk through their neighborhoods.

This evening should be fun and adventurous for all trick or treaters. Safety should be the first rule that youngsters follow on Halloween night.


Take these simple precautions so that you arrive home safely after a night out with friends.

· Wear bright, light-colored costumes and use a flashlight. Be sure that motorists can see you!

· Always go trick or treating in a group – never alone.

· Be careful as you go from house to house. Watch for cars and be alert for objects or toys in driveways or walkways.

· Do not eat any treats until you arrive home and your parents inspect all treats you have collected.

· Only accept treats from neighbors or friends you know.

· Be certain that your eyesight is not impaired by mask or other head covering.


Tips for Parents:

· Clear the front walkway to your house. Remove all obstacles so that it is safe for children to get to your front door.

· Inspect all candy and treats collected by your children.

· Remind your children to only visit and collect treats from people who they know.

· Drive cautiously! Children will be running from house to house.

· To ensure safety on the roads, drive at a lower rate of speed than is posted.