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4/16/2021 - Town Hall Charter Oak to be pruned in April

Eversource has approached the town about donating a crew to prune the Charter Oak tree at Town Hall.

Each year Eversource’s Vegetation Management hosts a number of Arbor Day events across the state ranging from school presentations to dead-wooding trails and public tree trimming.  This year they are working with the Connecticut Tree Warden’s Association and the CT Notable Tree Committee to trim, prune, deadwood, and increase the overall health of notable trees across the state in celebration of Arbor Day.

An Arborist from Stanley Tree Service will be performing the work under the supervision of the Town’s Tree Warden. The work will consist of removing dead branches, thinning out, crown reduction and overall assessment of the trees health and will be performed at the end of April, weather permitting. The last pruning was done back in 2015, but has been inspected every year to make sure the health of the tree has not changed.

Please contact the Towns Tree Warden if you have any questions at 860-693-7875.