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5/18/2020 - A Message from Fire/EMS Chief Bruce Lockwood 5/18/20
Valuing Life at a Moment’s Notice….
Thoughts on Community Safety by Chief of Department Bruce Lockwood
Town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department
May is the Time to Celebrate Canton’s Volunteer EMTs
PROUD: A Chance to Salute the Service & Sacrifice of Canton’s Volunteer EMTs, Firefighters & Fire Police 

Dispatches.… April/May, 2020: During the past 30 days, Town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department’s EMTs responded to 79 medical emergencies; left Town to answer eight additional dispatches to our mutual aid partners in the Farmington Valley; and backed up Canton’s Volunteer Firefighters at calls involving potential carbon monoxide poisoning and a structure fire.

Add to this busy month of calls, the new reality of the COVID 19 pandemic.

In Response: With the onset of COVID 19, our Department embarked on a rigorous reassessment of our procedures, reporting and training that has redefined the way we respond, from: enhanced protocols for decontamination of equipment and apparatus; to heightened precautions to diminish exposure to our members and their families, patients and the community; to an acknowledgement of the toll these added stressors have taken on all of our Volunteers, but especially Canton’s EMTs. 

May 17th to 23rd is National EMS Week. It was created in 1974, by President Gerald Ford to recognize and celebrate the critical work that career and volunteer EMTs perform to protect and promote the safety, wellness and health of their communities. So, how can you join in the celebration?

- Take A Moment to Say Thanks by Being Canton PROUD

In honor of their ongoing service, especially during this unprecedented time in our history, we are launching a new online campaign focused on your experiences, appreciations and support of Canton’s Volunteer EMTs, Firefighters and Fire Police. It’s called PROUD. 

Through PROUD, we invite Canton’s residents, businesses and visitors to submit 20 to 30 second videos sharing their connection/appreciation for our Volunteers. Please see for additional details on how to create, share and demonstrate why you are Canton PROUD. 

- Join Us by Volunteering

Like many small towns in Connecticut, Canton’s EMS operation is staffed with a combination of paid and Volunteer staff; same training, professionalism and certifications. Many of our Volunteers, as a matter of fact, have leveraged their expertise and community service into paid careers in the medical field. Their experience in this high-pressure environment, which requires: teamwork, scene management, excellent communication, discipline and discretion are valued skills for almost any career path. 

- Help Us to Stay Safe, By Being Safe

We thank the Canton community for their ongoing support and ask that you continue to listen to official guidance on social distancing and other safety protocols. We're taking care of our crews. Help us by taking care of your crews – your family, friends and neighbors.

Our Department’s tag line - Valuing Life at a Moment’s Notice – is more than a slogan. It’s part of our core belief system. So always remember, as we move through the ongoing challenges of the COVIDC-19 pandemic, Canton’s Volunteer EMTs, Firefighters and Fire Police are trained to handle all medical, fire, smoke, and hazardous emergencies. Prevention, however, is key to life safety in our community. That’s where you can help us keep you and your family healthy and protected throughout the year.

We’re all in this Together.
Yours in safety,  
Bruce Lockwood, Chief of Department