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4/11/2020 - The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town! April 11th


The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town!
April 11th beginning at 9:30am

The Bunny routes are now posted on the Fire/EMS website at

Remember to continue to social distance.  We encourage you to take selfies from the safe distance of your front yard or porch!



This is your chance to wave to the Easter Bunny in the comfort of your own front yard!  Fire trucks will be driving the Easter Bunny through Canton neighborhoods waving to all.


Follow their path in real-time.  Go to:

Twitter:   @canton_fire
Instagram:   @cantonfireandemsct

There will be three trucks for three different districts in town which means you won’t have to wait all day to wave to the Easter Bunny! You will be able to follow them on both Twitter and Instagram (we'll be using a real-time geo tracker). The plan is that each engine will update for the district they are in. 

This week we will post the streets and the order of the streets for each of the 3 routes. Each route will be given a 'bunny' name.  Then early Saturday, we will post a separate link for each bunny.  You will then be able to watch as the trucks travel their individual routes.  Please note, there may be some streets we can not go down (cul-de-sacs and those with no turning ability).  We will attempt to identify those on the lists so you can arrange to be at the end of your road.  Please practice safe social distancing with your neighbors!!


Please be patient as this is a first time event (first time events always need tweaking).

Thank you all in advance for your support and we hope it brings smiles to all the kids! Spread the word so we can get as many families outside as possible. Reminder that we will be expecting everyone to practice social distancing and kids should remain in their own yards with mom &/or dad!

Twitter - @canton_fire

Instagram - cantonfireandemsct


Together with:


Please post photos to @canton_fire and @cantonctinfo