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4/2/2020 - Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic


Connecticut's Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs are not paid -- and most of these volunteers have other, often full-time, jobs. Connecticut is comprised of small towns where the fire service, and in many cases emergency medical services, are a fully volunteer force. At a time when residents are being directed to isolate, close down, socially distance, and stay close to home, CT's Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs are usually first on the scene, caring for millions of people throughout the State.

Gerry Holland, in addition to being a Vice President at Bartlett Brainard Eacott, Inc., is also a Volunteer EMT, Firefighter, and Executive Officer at Canton’s Volunteer Fire and EMS Department.  He was recently interviewed by Tim Lammers on FOX61.

Holland began by highlighting how volunteers do what they do out of a desire to “give back” to the community and take care of their neighbors.

They are employing extra precautions these days by following the guidelines set out by the CDC such as wearing masks and sanitizing gear and have stepped up the usual “universal precautions” (the physical equipment) that protect them from harm like masks and gloves. Additionally the public is no longer permitted into the fire stations. Holland stressed they are focused on preserving the health and resources of the first responders to ensure that more people can be treated.

Most departments in the state, including Canton, are a mix of paid and non-paid staff, so without volunteers, the department wouldn’t have the resources it needs. April is VOLUNTEER MONTH! Gerry Holland would love to have folks come forward to get trained and be a part of this incredible team.  Get more information at