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2/26/2020 - Highlights from the 2/19/20 PZC Meeting

At their February 19, 2020 regular meeting the Canton Planning and Zoning Commission took the following actions:

  •  Accepted the withdraw of File 156; Apln 1941; Zoning Regulation Amendment; Proposed edits to Section 8.4., Antennas and Towers, to modify Sections 8.4.C.1 and 8.4.C.3; request to increase the maximum height of a tower allowed under these sections from 80’ to 150’ with an additional 20’ for antenna, and to modify separating distances of a tower from adjacent lot lines; Brandon Robertson, applicant.

  •  Accepted the withdraw of File 549; 160 Bahre Corner Road and 25 High Ledge Road; Assessors Map 27; Parcels 1160160 and 3080025; Zone: R-3; proposed 16-lot residential Open Space re-subdivision; Howard Olson, Herbert Bossardt and Marjorie Bossardt, owners; Gervais Jouvin c/o Family Home Builders, LLC, applicant.

  • Postponed the opening of the public hearing for the following application to March 18, 2020 - File 471; Apln 1949; 11 Westview Drive; Assessors Map 21; Parcel 5660011; Zone: R-3; Special Permit; Section 3.3.D.2.D., Commercial Animal Slaughtering; request to establish a commercial kitchen and process chickens raised on-site; Abi Gezunt Farm c/o Jeffrey Pardo, applicant/owner.

  •  Approved with conditions File 550; 15 East Street; Assessors Map 34; Parcel 2400015; Zone: CDVD; 2-lot subdivision; 17 East Street, LLC; applicant/owner.