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4/8/2019 - Town Bridge Road Bridge Rehabilitation Project-UPDATE

Beginning April 1st and continuing until November 30th, the Town Bridge Road Bridge will be closed for rehabilitation.  During the month of April, the contractor for the Rehabilitation Project, ROTHA Contracting Company Inc., will begin making preparations for the removal of the bridge so it can be disassembled and sent off-site for rehabilitation before returning for reassembly and bridge placement.  Preparations include installing a debris shield on the underside of the bridge, while it is still spanning the river, followed by the removal of the bridge deck and miscellaneous other work.  It is anticipated that the actual removal of the bridge will take place sometime during the month of May.  Fishing underneath the bridge will be prohibited at all times when bridge work is taking place above.  Periodically it may be necessary to restrict the passage of water vessels [canoes, kayaks, tubes, etc.] beneath sections of the bridge and prohibit their passage altogether on the day the bridge is physically removed.  This notice will be updated as new information becomes available.