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4/2/2019 - Number Your Home and Business: Seconds Matter to Emergency Service Providers

Now that the winter weather is over for the season, residents and business owners should ensure that their residents or businesses have their property numbers properly and visibly posted to allow for a timely response and service from the police, fire and ambulance departments. On many occasions, time is of the essence when an emergency response is needed.

Numbers should be visible from the street, be reflective, and be at least 3 inches in height (residential) and 4 inches in height (commercial). Consider posting both sides of your mailbox or other permanent fixture, to ensure the approaching emergency service provider can easily identify the property’s number regardless of travel direction. Also, in preparation for the next winter season, ensure those snowplow barriers protecting mailboxes are properly posted.

The Town of Canton Ordinance Section 375-17 specifically addresses the requirement for such posting.