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1/24/2019 - Assistance for Federal Employees Impacted by Shutdown


Pursuant to recently adopted Connecticut House Bill No. 5765, the Board of Selectmen has implemented a program which allows federal employees who are working without pay or furloughed due to the federal government shutdown to defer real property taxes, personal property taxes, motor vehicle taxes or sewer charges without penalty or interest. Any deferred payments shall become due and payable within sixty (60) of the employee no longer being an “affected employee”. The term “affected employee” shall mean any federal employee who, during the federal fiscal year 2019 partial shutdown that began on December 22, 2018, is (i) a resident of the State of Connecticut and (ii) required to work as a federal employee without pay or furloughed as a federal employee without pay.

In order to determine eligibility for the deferment, the affected employee shall provide to the Tax Collector sufficient evidence of his or her status which may include, without limitation, a paystub or bank statement, a federal employee identification card, the federal tax identification number of the employee’s employer, and a sworn affidavit from such employee indicating that such employee (i) is currently a federal employee residing in the State of Connecticut, (ii) is required to work as a federal employee without pay or furloughed as a federal employee without pay. The affidavit form is available at the Tax Collector’s Office in Town Hall or by CLICKING HERE.

The deferment provided under this resolution shall not affect any interest or penalties on, lien rights or collection of, any municipal charges due before December 22, 2018, or after the date on which an individual is no longer an affected employee.