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4/1/2019 - Centerline rumble strips to be installed on Route 44

Installation of Centerline Rumble Strips on Route 44 from Route 179 to New Hartford town line

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is planning to install centerline rumble strips on Route 44 (Albany Turnpike) from the Route 179 (Cherry Brook Road) intersection to the New Hartford line. The centerline rumble strips will be installed as part of the resurfacing of Route 44 during the 2019 construction season.

Centerline rumble strips (CLRS) are a cost-effective, proven safety countermeasure that reduces the risks of head-on and sideswipe opposite direction crashes. A CLRS is a longitudinal safety feature installed at the centerline of a paved roadway. It is comprised of a series of milled elements intended to alert distracted, drowsy or inattentive drivers (through vibration and sound) that they have unintentionally crossed the centerline. For those drivers who unintentionally cross the centerline, the audible and vibratory warning provided by the CLRS greatly improves the chances of a quick and safe return to their lane. Where drivers do not safely recover, the warning created by the rumble strips often improves driver reaction, reducing crash severity. CLRS also serve as an effective means of locating the travel lane during inclement weather. Pavement markings are often obscured during fog, snow or rain. The vibration provided by CLRS can assist drivers from unintentionally crossing the centerline during these conditions.

Anyone with questions or comments may contact Canton Police Chief Christopher Arciero at or (860)-693-7872.