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7/21/2018 - Collinsville HOT this weekend - July 21
Meeting: Collinsville HOT
Start time: 9:00 AM
End time: 10:00 PM (13 hours)
Location: Collinsville
Occurs: This instance occurs on 7/21/2018.
Details for the entire event:

Check out their Facebook page

Collinsville HOT will ramp up the temperature this weekend!  

The following streets will be closed to moving and parked vehicles from 6 am until 10 pm for the Collinsville HOT Event on Saturday,  July 21st:

We kindly request that you move your vehicle from these areas by 6 am on Saturday, July 21st.

1. Main St. from Front St. to River St.
2. River St. from North St. to Main St.
3. Town Hall Parking Lot.
4. Front St. from Main St. to South St.
5. 10 South St. parking lot.