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6/20/2018 - BE PREPARED for the next local disaster and/or weather event!

Canton leaders met on June 20th to participate in the 2018 Statewide Emergency Planning and Preparedness Initiative. Plans are in place and continuously being updated in the event of a local disaster and/or weather event. This year's scenario drill was of a Tropical Storm (similar to Tropical Storm Irene in 2011) with severe local flooding, downed trees, hurricane force winds, and extended power outages. While the Town prepares with how to best handle such a situation, the take-away for everyone should be to BE PREPARED. Having the traditional 3 days worth of food/water/meds/supplies on hand will have little effect in an extended power outage. Please consider gathering 2 weeks worth of food/water/meds/supplies in the event you need to shelter-in-place.

If you haven't already, sign up for emergency alerts with:
*the State of CT
*the Town of Canton

Click on these helpful links to get started with your plan: