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4/9/2018 - Real Estate Revaluation Information


The Town of Canton has begun work on the 2018 revaluation, as mandated by Connecticut State Statute 12-62(b).  This statute requires all municipalities to revalue all of its real estate not later than five years after their last revaluation.  The Town of Canton's last revaluation was completed as of October 1, 2013.  Consequently, our next revaluation is scheduled for October 1, 2018.

The primary purpose of a revaluation, which is a mass appraisal of all real property within an assessment jurisdiction, is to eliminate any assessment inequities that may have developed since the implementation of a previous revaluation.  This is accomplished by updating the assessments of real property to reflect their fair market value.

The Town of Canton has retained eQuality Valuation Services, of Waterbury, CT to assist the Town Assessor complete the revaluation. This week, Data Mailers, which is a summary of the salient facts regarding your property, were sent to all residential property owners. We ask that you review this form for accuracy, make any corrections necessary, sign and date the form and return the form in the enclosed envelope provided.
Using Data Mailers rather than have individuals go door to door to collect this same information will be a significant savings as well as much less of a disruption for Canton taxpayers.