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3/16/2018 - Volunteers Needed to Serve on Temporary Town Agencies

The Board of Selectmen is looking for volunteers for two new temporary Town Agencies!

If you are a civic- minded individual who would enjoy participating in local government, the Town of Canton has two new temporary Town Agencies that need to be filled. These Agencies are comprised of unpaid volunteers who are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

The first Agency is the Temporary Senior / Social Services Strategic Planning Committee which will be responsible for facilitating a comprehensive, community-based strategic plan for providing services to senior citizens and those needing social services. The Committee shall consist of seven members with at least three of its members having an area of knowledge in senior services and three having an area of knowledge in social services.

The second Agency is the Charter Revision Commission. The Commission shall consist of nine members who shall examine the Charter for the purpose of determining what changes should be made to ensure that the Charter establishes a governing system which effectively, efficiently and fairly meets the needs of the Town.

If you are interested in serving on either one of the two temporary Town Agencies, please express your desire to serve by completing a volunteer application and resume to First Selectman, Leslee Hill at or return the application and a resume to:


Leslee Hill, First Selectman

Town of Canton

P.O. Box 168

Collinsville, CT 06022


Please respond by April 16, 2018.  Thank you.