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FEMA Flood Map Changes/Appeal Process (2/28/24-5/28/24)

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1/22/2018 - Town of Canton Adopted Form-Based Code

Town of Canton Form-Based Code (FBC)

 The FBC is intended to foster a setting for economic growth and development in a sustainable mixed-use pattern of diverse neighborhoods, integrating residential with employment, commercial, and recreation uses, while seeking to preserve existing neighborhoods and protect the community character. The Code establishes four design village districts and applies to Route 44 from Hart's Corner to the west-end of Old Albany Turnpike, as well as Collinsville. The FBC places greatest emphasis on the design or physical form, over density and uses, and creating the pedestrian-oriented places that attract jobs and economic vitality. Density and uses can be expected to change over time as the districts grow and mature.

Adopted Form-Based Code; Effective April 10, 2018

Re-Introduction to the Form-Based Code Presentation