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8/29/2017 - Town Completes Streetlight Audit

Office of the Chief Administrative Office


Below is a link to the final results of the streetlight audit. The audit is part of the process of purchasing the streetlights from Eversource and converting them to LED lights. An original audit of the streetlights (see link below), which was conducted by the Police Department, indicated 63 out of 253 lights (24%) should be removed. The Town then publicized the results of the audit and received numerous comments from residents. The Chief of Police, along with other Town officials then reviewed the recommended lights for removal again. Based on the additional review there were 11 lights that were taken off the list to be removed and 6 lights added to the list to be removed for a net change of 5 fewer lights to be removed (58).

Some of the areas that had lights added back were Bristol Drive, Colony, River Road, Canton Circle, Dowd Avenue and Daynard Drive. Additional lights to be removed were located on East Hill Road, Freedom Drive, High Street and Maple Avenue.

The Town will now move forward with formally requesting that 58 lights be shut off. After the lights are shut off then the Town will purchase the remaining lights and have them converted to LED. By shutting off unnecessary lights, the Town will not have to pay the purchase of the lights ($142.89 average cost per light), the cost of LED conversion ($318.15 per light) or the cost of ongoing electricity and maintenance.  

Final Streetlights to be Removed

Original Recommended Lights for Removal