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3/13/2017 - Comments Requested on Removal of Street Lights


The Town of Canton is looking for public input on whether the Town should remove certain street lights. Pursuant to a recent energy audit, it was recommended that the Town purchase street lights from Eversource and convert them to less expensive LED lights. The Town currently pays $30,426 annually to Eversource for use of the street lights. After the lights are purchased and converted to LED, the annual cost is estimated to be $7,561 creating an annual savings of $22,865. The cost of purchasing the lights and converting them to LED is $101,903 thereby creating a payback period of 4.5 years. The annual cost for the new LED lights includes anticipated maintenance costs.

In an effort to lower cost and save energy, the Town is looking to remove lights that are no longer needed. If a light is eliminated then it will no longer have to be purchased from Eversource, be converted to LED or be the source of future electricity costs. There are a number of street lights that have not been operable for a significant period of time or were connected with farming operations long ago abandoned.

The Chief of Police reviewed the existing street lights and suggested that approximately 24% of the street lights could be removed. These recommendations were based on whether the lights were necessary for safety purposes. Many of the lights are located on straight-a-ways, in close proximity to other street lights or located near already well-lit commercial establishments. Street lights will remain in high pedestrian areas or in areas near the schools.

Prior to removing street lights, the Board of Selectmen would like to give the public an opportunity to comment. Below is a link to both an aerial map and a listing of all the lights identified by street and pole number along with an identification of whether the light is recommended for removal. The areas in which lights are to be removed are marked as yellow dots. You can zoom in on the map so that each street can be identified along with the location of the lights to be removed. If you are unsure whether a particular light is being removed you can reference the pole number on the list of poles.

If you have a concern with a light that is recommended to be removed or possibly want to identify a light to be removed that is not currently identified, please email Chief Administrative Officer, Robert Skinner at or call (860) 693-7837. Your comments are important and we look forward to hearing from you.

Click here for List of street lights being considered for removal

Click Here for Map of street lights being considered for removal