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3/7/2016 - Driving and Walking Tours of Canton and Collinsville

Discovering Canton and Collinsville Afoot and Behind the Wheel

Find familiar places that are full of surprises!  Every Canton building and landscape tells a story.  Know some of those stories when you explore the Walking Tours of Collinsville and Driving Tours of Historic Canton.  Behold a small town that grows ever larger the more you learn about it.

Encounter one-room school houses and cemeteries with Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers, the home of John Brown’s grandfather, or a house that was built by the brother of a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  There are former blacksmith shops that have been repurposed, and the home of a Congressman and winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor.  See the house where Samuel Collins first lived before he built the edge tool works and a former hotel where Spanish was frequently spoken by South and Central American Collins customers.  Learn about the 250,000-gallon water cistern that provides fire protection to the axe factory, and how a barn for finishing plows became a recreation hall and then a museum.  Discover the fascinating way in which such sites have survived and adapted (or not) into the twenty-first century.

Understanding the world around us can be perplexing if we don’t know where we came from.  In Canton, the past is always present.  It awaits your discovery and rediscovery.  Whether you are a native or a visitor, these walking and driving tours will enrich your time in this most intriguing and enchanting place.

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