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12/11/2015 - Board of Assessment Appeals Looks to Fill Vacancy

Vacancy Board of Assessment Appeals

The Board of Assessment Appeals is one of the oldest municipal boards in the United States. It was formed by the colonists who wanted a say in the fairness of their taxes, rather than have the King dictate what they should pay. There have been changes over time, but the institution of ordinary citizens reviewing the assessed value of your property still remains.

A vacancy on this Board currently exists and must be filled by either a registered Republican or unaffiliated.

Members of the Board need to be able to make judgments regarding property values. A real estate background is helpful, but certainly not necessary. For more information, please contact David Sinish, current Chairman, at

Applicants are encouraged to submit a letter expressing their interest and qualifications for consideration by the current Board of Assessment Appeals. Letters should be submitted to David Sinish c/o the Assessor’s Office, PO Box 168, 4 Market Street, Collinsville, CT 06022 by 12/18/2015.